Family Law & Court Order Transfers

Having a marriage, family, live in relationship, sibling, business partnership or another kind breakdown with assets together is taunting enough.? So is the task, of going to a lawyer, that advises you that court documents need to be prepared, a day in court and court orders to follow, before you able to transfer assets.


Those who think they can do this by themselves to save legal costs, end up giving themselves more heartache and going to the lawyer any way. Generally a person trying to act on themselves, do not listen, until a Conveyancer asks them ?Where is the Court Order ??.


As some lawyers don?t deal in conveyancing and not all Conveyancers accept instructions for family law and court order property transfer work. ABS Conveyancing does have the experience for family law and court order property transfer, on the strict condition you have order from the family law court or other court jurisdiction.


Warning, transferring property in a family law matter without the family court order is an offence under the Family Law Act (1975) (Commonwealth), as amended, under you have the Family Law Court Order of Settlement, even if the divorce and settlement is amicable.

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