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Great Australian Dream is to own your own home, involves a major share of your lifetime earnings so good conveyancing is important, with good risk management and good decision making.

Conveyancing is the legal area that prepares documents (for example, Contract of Sale or Lease), then lodges documents at the state?s land titles office, for the transferring of the property and registering of property dealings on the title, such as mortgages, easements, leasehold interests (either having a term of three years or more or a long-term tenure of 99 years), life interest, covenants, caveats etc.

Whether your selling, buying or investment in property, you need to plan well, look at options, make the right decisions and then to instruct ABS Conveyancing as your First Choice for Conveyancing Services. To take care of your conveyancing requirements, from start to finish, on every legal and contractual aspect in the property transaction.

Why Choose ABS Conveyancing?

ABS Conveyancing prides itself with a growing clientele base, successful with clients singing our praises, coming back to us for repeat conveyancing/valuation work and referring our services.

Our clients have the following benefits coming from ABS Conveyancing –

Paul?s ten years? experience in legal conveyancing work.

Telephone and email service from 8 AM to 8 PM seven days per week, excluding Australian national public holidays.

A track record over the years, to grow the business well and problem solving for clients.

We offer Multi Lingual Service, on the odd occasion, a client unable or struggles to communicate in English.

Our Multi-Lingual Services staff go the extra mile in service to clients, to help them overcome communication barriers and to learn about Australia?s property system, with conveyancing requirements. Especially with Chinese and Indian and Lebanese/Middle Eastern clients.

Our Motto/Values

ABS Conveyancing ? Professional ? Affordable ? Mobile ? Client Service ? Empathy ? Innovative ? Risk Management ? You Care We Care ? Good with People, Good with Conveyancing & Valuations.

Respect and acknowledgement to our First Australians, and all Australians who call Australia home, who have migrated to the great south land, far and wide. Respect to all cultures and faiths.

Member and Accredited with the Australian Property Institute.

25 years experience.

Valuation Services Work with Experience, Respected & Reputable.


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