The biggest purchase most Australians and migrants would ever be made in their lives would be, is to buy their own home.

To start off, have property features a checklist of things you want in the home, you wish to buy ? you want a single or double story, single or double garage, three or four bedrooms swimming pool?? close to schools? close to public transport? close to shops?

Make sure your partner and kids are fully involved, with your property features list.

Once you’re confident and comfortable on your home loan application success and price range/budget affordability, then time to shop around and go to open homes with your partners and kids. Use your property features checklist at the open homes and write notes.

Other tips ? Choose a good conveyancer/solicitor. Speak to neighbours about the property/location. Use prices from real estate websites to help negotiate the sale price. Make sure you do a building/pest report or strata inspection report. Do your homework and enquiries on the property well.